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“It’s apparent the Republican brand, at this point in the race, is struggling to appeal beyond its base, while Democrats are already showing support from independent voters,” said John Stineman, an Iowa Republican strategist unaffiliated with the Trump campaign. “There is a lot of talk about 2020 as a base election, but no one can expect to win with their base alone.”

Associated Press: Suddenly competitive Iowa complicates Trump’s Midwest quest

After Donald Trump carried Iowa in 2016 by nearly 10 points, its swing state status was in doubt. But now, with stunning swiftness, Iowa Democrats have spun from distraught to hopeful.

This shift appears to be propelled by the president’s uneven handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his aggressive response to protests over the death of George Floyd. And with an uptick in Democratic voter registration in the state, the party sees an opportunity to not only defeat Trump in November, but also oust GOP Sen. Joni Ernst.

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