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Strategic Elements is no stranger to local, state, and national campaigns. Our team has served as an agency for Fortune 500 companies and comprises former communications directors skilled in public affairs, strategic communications, media, public relations, branding, and digital campaigns.

Public Affairs

Public affairs campaigns need a creative, comprehensive strategy with messaging that resonates at the grassroots and grasstops levels. To garner results and public policy wins, experience and trusted relationships matter.

We engage and manage top political, public affairs, and government affairs field teams in the states to activate the right messenger, in the right way, at the right time to achieve the goals of each discrete initiative.

Issues Advocacy & Grassroots

Campaign Management

National Coalition Engagement

Government Affairs

Field Management

Thought Leadership

Executives and business leaders strive to be thought leaders in their respective fields. Without insider knowledge, experience, and a winning strategy, leaders are often unsuccessful and grow frustrated with the process. Thought leadership takes consistent attention, patience, education, and a strategic plan. Ideally, thought leadership generates engaging and valuable content with a face and voice that connects with audiences to share insightful information with target audiences in an authentic format.

Earned Media

Speaker Training

Social Media


Strategic Communications

Steady, even, prepared, and thoughtful best describes our strategic and crisis communications approach. No one communication tactic will answer every scenario, but having several well-developed tactics will help prepare the organization to be an effective communicator.

Our team will help assess the market environment, target audiences, identify new and creative strategies to reach the audiences, and put forth the strategic elements to increase market share. We aid clients swiftly and thoughtfully when crisis strikes to minimize potential damage and fallout to guide organizations through the storm.

Strategic Communication Plans

Crisis Communication

Messaging Frameworks


Professional writing services for government contracts and grants, and private sector procurement

Media & Public Relations

Successfully and consistently securing positive coverage and countering negative attention requires far more effort than merely pushing releases and pitching stories and editorial content. Our approach utilizes the advantages of both top-down and bottom-up communication from the national and community levels to optimize attention and engagement on a particular issue.

We draw upon the experience of our team members to adopt a campaign-style approach to communications projects. To us, that means being opportunistic by identifying and leveraging breaking news while also maintaining a discipline to “stay on message” and focus on proactive mid- and long-lead efforts.

It means being bold in asking tough questions to our clients about policy and operation challenges so we can work together to develop defensive communications plans that help us be prepared for whatever comes our way. And it means identifying and mobilizing the right messengers to deliver the right message by considering all audiences.

Earned Media

Media Buying

Media Training


Rapid Response

Branding & Digital Campaigns

Our team has won multiple awards for its work in this particular area. We conduct extensive social media audits, develop creative strategies that coincide with offline activities, create and follow brand guidelines to ensure consistency, identify and help clients develop a voice, and maximize reach through quantifiable, quality digital campaigns.

Creative Services

Advertising Services

Social Media

Digital Services