Lynn Leclerc (Stinson)

Vice President, Digital

Lynn Leclerc is Vice President, Digital Strategy for Strategic Elements, building on her immense practical experience leading cross-channel, high-profile public affairs, political, and advocacy campaigns. Leveraging her expertise across social, digital, and traditional communication channels, she engages a comprehensive yet targeted strategy to achieve client legislative and regulatory goals at all levels of government. With access to social listening, media monitoring, web, social analytics, and research, she utilizes data and metrics at every turn to uncover the best way to reach and influence key audiences and decision-makers, such as voters, constituents, and legislators. Lynn also applies her extensive knowledge of online advertising to engage grassroots efforts, influence policy decision-makers, or communicate with constituents.  

Previously, Lynn was a Partner at Banner Public Affairs, establishing the digital advocacy practice and ultimately leading the integrated communication and creative teams across energy, agriculture, defense, and technology clients to achieve political and corporate outcomes. She mastered the art of tapping the right channel tactics at the right time to activate the right audience and specialized in digital advertising, social media management and listening, analytics and reporting, media relations, and content and asset development. As a company leader, Lynn also spearheaded professional development initiatives, such as diversity training as well as leadership and mentorship opportunities.   

Lynn also worked at Resonate, where she planned and executed impactful digital advertising campaigns for the politics and advocacy team, building social communities and conducting blogger outreach at DCI Group to ensure impactful issue advocacy results. Before her start in public affairs, she also served as a marketing assistant at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, where she supported key political events, including the yearly Politics Online Conference, political forums and events, and election night activities.  

Lynn holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Allegheny College and a master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University, focusing on skills in political writing, fundraising, online organizing, and activation tactics.  



Fun Facts

Loves to run and hike with her rescue dogs.
Can cook for any dietary restriction (due to many of her own!).
Played the violin in the Guinness World Records Largest Orchestra.
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