Claire Simmons

Senior Public Affairs Manager

Claire Simmons is an Account Manager at Strategic Elements, specializing in project management, grasstops and community engagement, and client relations in the renewable energy sector.  

In her role, Claire fashions and implements strategic plans aligned with client goals while engaging with key grasstops leaders and organizations, amplifying community member and critical stakeholder voices that influence change and public policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Claire is a highly-motivated change agent who excels in the fast-paced environment of the renewable energy industry and is critical to the team’s agility with quick and informed responses based on industry advancements and industry leader engagement.  

Before joining Strategic Elements, Claire was part of Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s communications team, managing the Secretary’s Honor a Veteran and Notary Public programs. Claire also helped to plan and execute the 2020 general election, leading Iowa to achieve record voter registration and turnout, contributing to her expertise in outreach and engagement success with Strategic Elements.  

As a proud, lifelong Cyclone, Claire attended Iowa State University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Political Science. At Iowa State, Claire represented ISU as a student lobbyist, advocating for various issues at the state level, including medical amnesty laws, which eventually passed in 2020. 



Fun Facts

Born in Naples, Florida.
A huge Iowa State sports fan (go Cyclones)!
Loves Valentine’s Day because her favorite color is pink.
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