Anthony J. Zagotta

Strategic Partner

Anthony (Tony) Zagotta is a seasoned issue advocacy professional with over three decades of experience in campaign politics, grassroots, grasstops, and advocacy campaigns representing fortune 500 companies and multiple national trade and industry associations. As a Strategic Partner with Strategic Elements, Zagotta will work with clients in the Washington, DC, and Miami, FL, office locations. 

Tony also serves as the CEO of Forza Strategic Partners, bringing together his decades of experience and his working relationships with a first-class bipartisan political professional network with a presence across all 50 states. As part of the alliance with Strategic Elements, Tony brings the best in class 50-state field network he has developed over 18 years. While there, he developed and executed issue advocacy campaigns for Fortune 500 and mid-size companies and major national industry associations. 

His previous experience includes working for the national public affairs firm DCI Group, where he managed multi-state regional field campaigns for AT&T. He also managed a Congressional campaign in North Carolina in 1994. Tony has also served as the Chairman of an International Youth organization, for which Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher served as Honorary Chairwoman. He also served as Honorary Youth Chairman for the President of the United States re-election campaign and as the National Chairman for a 250,000-member youth political organization. 


Naples via Chicago, Illinois

Fun Facts

Passionate about all things Italian: culture, food, language, people, and, of course, Italy.
Sat next to Margaret Thatcher for a three-hour dinner.
Began watching the nightly news in grade school and was fascinated with the 1980 presidential campaign.
John Stineman
Kathy Didawick