Alexis Folkers

Graphic Design Associate

Alexis Folkers joins Strategic Elements as a Graphic Design Associate after graduating from University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Before joining the Strategic Elements team full-time, she served as an intern for the company. During that time, Alexis supported the growth of Strategic Element’s branding and social media presence. Based out of Davenport, Iowa, she maintains a well-rounded skillset in graphic content, understands the latest trends in digital creation development, and excels in overseeing the company’s social media brand.   

Alexis lends her expertise in strategic visual communication and digital marketing to generate value for clients. During her collegiate career, Alexis worked as a social media manager and graphic designer for the University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government. 


Walker, Iowa

Fun Facts

Can eat a dessert after any meal but her absolute favorite dessert is tiramisu.
She loves frogs and used to own two African Dwarf Frogs as pets named: Sheryl and Daryl
Her small town has a celebration every year called Pickle Days where they have fireworks, parades, and of course fried pickles.
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