Meet Lynn Stinson, Vice President, Digital and Communications Strategy

The Strategic Elements team sat down with our resident digital and communications guru:  Lynn Stinson, Vice President, Digital and Communications Strategy. Lynn joined the team in 2021 and has been invaluable ever since. She specializes in using data in every step of each campaign, tapping insights to continually reach and influence key audiences and decision-makers. You can read our conversation below.  

What is your favorite music genre? 

Late 1990s or early 2000s pop is always my go-to music. It can’t be beat!  

What is a lesson you have learned from your time at Strategic Elements? 

The importance of collaboration across different skillsets and areas of expertise to achieve client goals.  

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Chocolate soft serve – and sprinkles never hurt anyone! 

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? 

My parents are definitely my greatest inspiration. They are the most resilient and hardworking people I know – they never give up, and fight through every challenge. 

What is your dream vacation destination? 

I would love to go to Hawaii! Beach time, hiking, and lots of good food.  

What advice would you give a college senior? 

Be open-minded to what comes next after you graduate. A path that you never expected might reveal a fulfilling passion and profession! 

What occupation did you dream of as a child? 

I always dreamed of being a teacher.  

What is a skill you possess that you think everyone should try? 

Looking beyond my own perspective – and examining how things may impact others, both positively and negatively. Learning this took time, but has definitely impacted the way I view things, in both my career and personal life.  

What is something that always boosts your mood? 

Whenever I need a boost in my mood, I always go for a run. Being outside and breathing in the fresh air instantly lifts my spirits—and having my dog, Leia, join me is an extra perk.  

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