Digital Ads

Harness the Power of Digital Ads

Our team is ready to jump in whenever and however you need us. While channel selection and targeting will largely depend on your objective and audience, we are including some of our favorite targeting methods and channels below that routinely deliver impactful results for our clients.

Engage Diverse Audiences and Decision-Makers through Social Ads

Social media channels present an opportunity to connect with and engage active audiences around important topics. We can deploy ads across any social media channel, and we always leverage those channels that will yield the best results for our clients. For example, Facebook allows us to tap diverse audiences (especially with the chance to build custom audiences from offline data, site traffic, or existing followers). In addition, LinkedIn is the perfect channel to reach distinct decision-makers – by tapping employment data to target company names, industries, or titles.

Get in Front of Key Audiences with Programmatic Display and Video Ads

Through static and animated graphics and short video clips, we can target by demographic and location, but most interestingly, a variety of audience models are available in our Basis Demand Side Platform from trusted data providers like L2, i360, Comscore, and DeepRoot. With access to voter files and issue-based affinity profiles, we can target Democrats, Republicans, and swing voters and those for, against, or on the fence about a critical issue.

Grab the Biggest Screen in Every Household Through CTV Ads

The ability to run across the biggest screen in a household – the television — connected TV ads are a powerful option to reach citizens. With many households cutting the cord or doubling up with cable and streaming services, it is a preferred way to make an impact with video assets.

Tap Highly Active Listeners through Audio Ads

With highly active listeners tuning in, audio ads across podcast and digital radio networks present a critical opportunity to reach individuals. Podcast ads are four times more impactful than standard digital ads due to their dedicated listenership.

Build Trust with Reddit

Reddit enjoys rapid growth with expanding demographics and verticals (including family, health and wellness, and business and finance). Reddit has been named the number one trusted source for opinions and insights – toppling Google in the ranking. In addition, Reddit audiences are less likely to be on other social and digital channels, making them an unduplicated audience to engage with ads.

Get Local with NextDoor Ads

As the neighborhood hub for trusted conversations, NextDoor presents a suitable place to share information and build support while distributing information within local communities. Presenting a way to reach real people with real, verified addresses in a select region, this is an ideal venue to tap locals and shape regional perspectives. NextDoor users are also incredibly active in local issues and politics, making them super advocates across most topics.

Focus On Using Geofence Ads

Precision is possible with geofencing ads. We can geofence down to a building – both in real-time and retroactively. We can tap into IP addresses and device IDs to capture users currently or previously in your chosen destination. This is a lean and powerful strategy to get in front of very defined audiences based on their locations – including homes, offices, and events.