Ann's Networking Tips. Picture of Ann, Chief of Staff.

Ann McCain: Networking Tips

Ann’s Networking Tips  

Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, a social butterfly, or prefer going solo, navigating a social engagement can be stressful. Consider how you can approach any situation using these networking tips: 

  • Prep and practice. Write and rehearse 3 to 5 short talking points that make you comfortable talking about yourself and your work. Skip the resume reciting and hit on high points that draw others into the conversation. 
  • Smile before selling. You have the power to put others at ease. Smile and show up with a positive intention for your well-being and create an inclusive environment for others.  
  • Be curious and courteous. You don’t have to do all the talking. Ask questions while respecting boundaries. Expressing genuine interest in someone and learning about them is a meaningful way to start a new relationship.  
  • Make it personal. A work event doesn’t have to be all shop talk. Share a personal, relatable story that helps connect you with others.  
  • Follow up and stand out. Set yourself apart from others by sending a memorable follow-up message. Recall what clicked in your conversation with someone and plant the seed for a future connection.