Activating Results

American Clean Power is the voice of companies from across the clean power sector that are powering America’s future and providing cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis while creating jobs, spurring massive investment in the U.S. economy, and driving high-tech innovation across the nation.

Our Objective

ACP’s Public Affairs Advocacy Program establishes political cover for decision-makers at the federal, state, and local levels to support the ACP policy agenda and member company renewable energy development.

The focus of this program is getting high-level grasstops to engage with key decision-makers. This public affairs program is intended to supplement other ongoing efforts including lobbyists and grassroots organization.

Our Tactics

  • State coalition of influential advocates

  • Mobilization on legislative and regulatory policy issues at the federal, state, local levels

  • Bi-partisan engagement

  • Integrated Approach

  • Coordination with Partners